Welcome to Root & Vessel®! We are purveyors of simple, functional, decorative planters that transform your space.

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Our Story

For over 100 years, our parent company, Novelty Manufacturing Co, has been manufacturing quality home and garden products in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Those products were previously available to consumers like you only in your locally-owned, independent garden center retail market—until the launch of RootandVessel.com in 2018.

As a result, we make it easy to find beautiful, functional planters for indoor and outdoor applications—all from the comfort of your home—without breaking your budget.

And it’s not just about the planters. We want you to have a successful growing experience, too! So you can always count on us to provide plenty of gardening and style tips, ensuring you can stay inspired about making your home and garden spaces beautiful on any budget.

We will continually strive to inspire our customers to transform their everyday spaces into beautiful environments with stylish, thoughtfully-designed decorative planters and accessories.

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