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A person holding and examining an Ella Square Artstone self watering planter

How do Self-Watering Planters Work?

Person watering roses in a potted plant

How to Water a Potted Plant

Woman inspecting the plants in wall planters hung on outside of a house

What to Put in Wall Planters

Pink flowers planted in artstone resin hanging bowl planters

Resin Planters 101

Green plant growing in a black Ella Square Self-Watering planter

Indoor Self-Watering Planters

Many black and gray outdoor self-watering planters with flowers, tomatoes, and other plants

Self-Watering Planters Maximize Health

Mums growing in pots

How to Care for Mums in Pots

Ella Flower box

Flower Box Ideas for Every Season

A person holding and examining an Ella Square Artstone self watering planter

Self-Watering Planters Remove Guesswork

White flower box with a variety of annual flowers

Flower Boxes: 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes

White railing planter with purple flowers on a front porch railing

Railing Planters: 5 Tips for Growing Plants

Flowers in a black window flower box

Flower Boxes: Transform Any Space

Pink flowers and other plants potted in 3 planters

How to Care for Potted Plants

Plants growing in different sizes, shapes and colors of resin planters

What Are Resin Planters?

Several brown and gray wall planters

Wall Planters Liven Any Space

Black deck railing planter with flowers

Railing Planters Transform Spaces

White flower box with a variety of annual flowers

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flowers

Flowers growing in 2 black urn planters

A Guide to Urn Planters

White chalk art on black Artstone pots and planters

Planters & Pots: What's the Difference?

Several planters next to a computer on an office desk

Getting Creative with Planters

Sage green railing planter with flowers on a front porch

What to Grow in Railing Planters

Father and son on a patio with planters filled with flowers

Planters - A Gardener's Guide

Keeping your plants thriving is a must. We carefully craft and design our planters to give you the best chance to successfully grow indoor and outdoor plants. Let our planters do most of the work and let’s grow together in harmony.

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