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Ways to Earn Points

Redeem for Discount Codes

After earning enough points, click Redeem and then apply or copy/paste the coupon code during checkout! Note: Only 1 discount code can be applied to an order.

Root & Vessel® VIPS Earn More

You'll automatically become a VIP after spending $500 to earn even more rewards!

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Give your friends 15% off their first purchase and get rewarded with your own 15% off discount code after they complete their purchase!

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Rewards Program FAQ

What is the Root & Vessel® Rewards Program?

The Root & Vessel® Rewards Program is a free to join loyalty program where you earn points for various activities that you can redeem for discount codes on your purchases at Note you must create an account and be signed in to earn points for any point rewarding activity.

How do I earn reward points?

All the ways that you can earn reward points are listed above under the "Ways To Earn Points" section on this page. We'll be adding more ways to earn points as time goes on, plus be on the lookout for special double or triple point days! Please note you must be signed in to earn points.

Where can I see how many points I have accumulated?

Your point balance is shown at the top of this page after you sign in to your account OR by clicking the orange icon in the bottom left corner of any page.

When can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points when you reach the first reward level, which is currently 500 points for a $5 off $40+ discount code.

How do I redeem my points?

After you've reached 500+ points, you can redeem your points by clicking the green icon in the bottom left corner of any page OR by clicking the redeem button under the above "Redeem for Discount Codes" section on this page. You must be signed in to your account to redeem a reward.

After successfully redeeming your points, you'll receive a unique discount code that can be applied to any one order as long as your order total is above the stated amount. When you're ready to apply the code to an order, simply click the "Apply" button OR copy/paste the code into the discount code field at checkout.

Can I combine my reward points with other promo codes?

No. Reward codes cannot be combined with any other discount or promo codes and are one-time use only. Please refer to our Promotions page for more information.

Do my reward points or redeemed rewards expire?

Points expire after 2 years of inactivity. This means that if you go 2 years without earning or redeeming points, you'll lose your accumulated points. Don't worry, you'll receive an email notification before your points are about to expire.

Similarly, redeemed reward codes expire after 2 years. Again don't worry since you'll receive an email notification prior to your unique discount code expiring if you forgot to use it.

How do I reach the Root & Vessel® VIP tier?

Your account will automatically reach Root & Vessel® VIP status whenever you spend more than $500 at our store.

What are the benefits of being a Root & Vessel® VIP?

As of now, the benefits of being a Root & Vessel® VIP are earning double points for every dollar spent and a one-time bonus of 100 reward points assigned to your account. We're constantly looking at ways to reward our VIPs, so expect additional perks as we evolve our Rewards Program.

Will I ever lose Root & Vessel® VIP status?

You cannot lose VIP status unless you cancel or return an order that drops your lifetime spend at our store back beneath the $500 threshold.

What qualifies as a successful referral?

Your friend/referral must either use your unique referral link (which you'll only see if you're signed into your account) OR they must click the link in the email they'll receive if you share it that way. If your referral successfully claims and uses the referral discount code when completing their first purchase, you'll be credited for a successful referral.

You may share your link with them directly, or utilize our share features to have it sent via email or via popular social media / messaging channels including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Note you'll only see an option to share via email unless you're signed into your account.

Please note they have to be a new customer to be able to claim the discount, and self-referrals are not allowed.

Can I transfer my points to another account?

Unfortunately not; however, after you have redeemed your points and get the discount code, you may give that code to another family member or friend for them to use. Just remember the code is one-time use and cannot be combined with any other discount codes.

How do I earn points for my product reviews?

You should receive an email from us asking for you to rate and review the product(s) that you purchased. That is the easiest way to be sure you're credited points for your review(s). Otherwise you must make sure that you are signed in to your account AND must utilize the orange Rewards icon in the bottom left corner of any page to select the products to review from your order history.

You may also optionally upload relevant photo(s) and/or video(s) with your review to receive additional points. Uploading 1 or more photos with your review will earn you an additional 100 points. Likewise, uploading 1 or more videos will earn you an additional 100 points. If you review multiple products, you may earn these extra reward points for every product review where you upload a photo and/or video. Note that you only receive reward points for reviews on products that you actually purchased, and we'll publish the photos/videos at our discretion.