How to Care for Mums in Pots

Mums growing in Dolce Round plant pots

Mums are a classic fall flower that can add a touch of color and beauty to any home, indoors or outdoors. They are relatively easy to care for, and their long blooming season makes them an excellent choice for seasonal decorations.

Choosing the Right Mums for Your Planters

When choosing garden mums for your planters, remember a few things. First, consider the size of your planters. Mums come in various sizes, from dwarf varieties just a few inches tall to large varieties growing over two feet tall. Make sure to choose mums that will fit comfortably in your planters.

Second, consider the bloom color and form. Mums come in various colors, including red, orange, yellow, white, and purple. They also come across multiple bloom forms, including single, double, and pompom blooms. Choose mums that have colors and forms that you like and that will complement your decorative planters.

Finally, consider the bloom time. Mums bloom at different times of the year, so choosing mums that will bloom when you want them to is essential. If you are planting fall mums for decorating, look for varieties that bloom in September and October.

Planting Mums in Planters

Once you have chosen your mums, it is time to plant them. Follow these steps for the best results. Remember to select a large planter to avoid a root-bound plant.

  1. Mums dislike sitting in soggy soil, so choose a well-drained soil mix.
  2. Fill your planters with potting mix, leaving about an inch of space at the top.
  3. Gently remove the mums from their nursery pots and loosen the roots.
  4. Place the root ball in the planters and backfill around the base of the plant with potting mix.
  5. Water the mums thoroughly.

Even though fall brings some cold weather, you'll still want to add mulch to your planter. It will retain moisture and

How to Grow Mums in Pots

Mums are relatively easy to care for. Some gardeners view mums as an annual for fall decorating. But hardy mums can survive the winter and regrow in early spring.

So to overwinter your mums, give them some more attention. First, mums like lots of light. They thrive in full sun conditions if you provide them with water.

Choose a spot that gets at least six hours of sun a day. Plants that don't get enough sunlight will be tall and leggy and produce fewer, smaller flowers.

Water them regularly. Mums need about an inch of water per week. Be sure to water them deeply so that the water reaches the roots.

Self-Watering Planters Make it Easy to Care for Mums

Consider placing your mums in a self-watering planter like those from Artstone. Plants receive consistent and optimal moisture to prevent over or under-watering.

Artstone planters include a reservoir at their bottom, which stores water. It then gradually releases to the plant's roots through a wicking system.

Along with watering, fertilize the plants every two weeks. Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half-strength. For more prolific blooming, remove dead blooms to encourage more flower buds.

Displaying Mums in Decorative Planters

With their bright colors and prolific blooms, mums offer numerous indoor and outdoor display opportunities.

  • Place them on your front porch or patio. This is a great way to add a touch of fall color to your home. You can place several in over-the-railing planters to create a lush floral display.
  • Use them to decorate your entryway. Place a planter of mums on either side of your front door to create a welcoming atmosphere. Square planters provide a contrast to the rounded habit of mums, adding a contrast. They also offer a stable base if the plants get top-heavy.
  • Add them to your landscape. Mums are equally attractive in the ground or in containers. Place them in borders, walkways, or other landscape areas where you want to add fall color.
  • Use them to decorate your indoors. Place a decorative planter of mums on a coffee table to add a touch of fall to your interior decor.

Troubleshooting Potted Mums

There are two common issues with potted mums. First, the plant's leaves turn yellow.

This is usually a sign of too much or too little water. Check the soil and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Or remove the hassle with a self-watering planter. Learn more about their advantages.

Second, flower buds drop. Several factors, including heat stress, drought, or pests, can cause this. Ensure your mums get enough water and fertilizer, and protect them from pests and diseases.

Mums are beautiful and versatile flowers that can add a touch of fall color to your home, indoors or outdoors. Following the tips in this blog post, you can keep your mums healthy and blooming all season long.

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