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Flower Box Tray Features:

  • Protects decks, patios, windowsills, and indoor surfaces
  • Fits our 18", 24", 30", & 36" Countryside or Poly-Pro Flower Boxes
      • Note: Fits other flower boxes too; please refer to dimensions further down
  • Multi-use tray can also be used for table runners, fairy gardening, growing succulents, and much more!
  • Constructed with high-grade, durable plastic
  • Lightweight, UV-resistant, and shatter-resistant
  • BPA-free and recyclable
  • Proudly made in the USA
Flowers in a white Poly-Pro flower box with a white countryside flower box tray underneath


These flower box trays complement Countryside flower window boxes and Poly-Pro planter box liners. While generally not used as planters themselves, they serve a crucial function by collecting excess water drainage from the planters, ensuring the well-being of the plants and the cleanliness of the surrounding area. Constructed with a superior plastic blend, the trays are built to resist all weather conditions and contain UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking.


  • 18" = 16¼" L x 6½" W x 1" H (outside) (view)
    Inside dims = 15½" L x 5¾" W
  • 24" = 22¼" L x 6½" W x 1" H (outside) (view)
    Inside dims = 21½" L x 5¾" W
  • 30" = 28½" L x 6½" W x 1" H (outside) (view)
    Inside dims = 27½" L x 5¾" W
  • 36" = 34½" L x 6½" W x 1" H (outside) (view)
    Inside dims = 33½" L x 5¾" W

Benefits of Flower Box Trays

Flower box trays are often an afterthought. But these handy, inexpensive trays serve a valuable purpose.

  1. Protection for Surfaces: Placing flower boxes directly on surfaces such as windowsills, balconies, or decks can cause water to leak and damage the underlying structures. Flower box trays act as a protective barrier, capturing the runoff and preventing it from seeping onto surfaces.
    This not only safeguards the structural integrity of the area but also helps maintain a neat and clean environment. So you'll have no more worries about water damage marring a side table or window sill.
  1. Easy Maintenance: Ever water your plants only to have the excess water spill onto a wood surface. Well, these flower box trays remove the issue by containing water runoff. Gardeners can effortlessly remove the trays to dispose of the collected water, avoiding the hassle of cleaning the surrounding area. Our trays are made from materials that are easy to clean, making the maintenance process even more convenient.
  2. Healthier Plant Growth: Adequate drainage is essential for the health of plants in flower boxes. Without proper drainage, waterlogged soil can suffocate the roots, leading to wilting, yellowing, and, ultimately, the demise of the plants. Flower box trays ensure excess water doesn't linger, promoting healthier root systems and plant growth.

Our flower box trays come in four sizes and colors. So you can perfectly match your flower box or add some contrast for added interest.

And if you're creative, you can use the trays to create a miniature landscape. Just fill one with sand or stone and add some small succulent plants in containers. You can round things out with miniature figurines for added impact.


Does the Countryside Flower Box Tray fit underneath other flower boxes?

Our Countryside Flower Box Trays are designed specifically to fit underneath Countryside or Poly-Pro Flower Boxes. That said, they do fit most standard flower boxes. Please refer to the dimensions above to confirm.

What is the Countryside Flower Box Tray made of?

The Countryside Flower Box Tray is constructed from high-grade, durable plastic.

How much does the Countryside Flower Box Tray weigh?

The weight varies by size as follows:

  • 18-Inch: 0.19 lbs.
  • 24-Inch: 0.30 lbs.
  • 30-Inch: 0.40 lbs.
  • 36-Inch: 0.48 lbs.

Where is the Countryside Flower Box Tray manufactured?

The Countryside Flower Box Tray is proudly manufactured in the USA at our Lancaster, PA facility.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We ship internationally to Canada only. We recommend using a freight forwarding service, such as DHL, if you wish to order and ship outside of the U.S. or Canada. All shipments from our facility must be sent to a U.S.- or Canadian-based address.


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